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Women in science

Hear from a panel of esteemed women behind the portraits of the RSE's Women in Science exhibition.

Join us for a triumphant showcase of the women who broke down barriers and changed the face of STEM in Scotland. With a panel of world-leading women scientists, including the first woman President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Lesley Yellowlees; the first woman professor of Chemical Engineering in Scotland, Raffaella Ocone; internally recognised expert on accelerating the transition to net zero, Mercedes Maroto-Valer; and CEO of a leading global biotechnology company, who’s firm develops life-changing therapies, Deborah O’Neil.

This extraordinary discussion brings together voices of inspirational and determined women who’ll share their career stories and experiences in their field.

You can view the exhibition online with a smaller version of the exhibition available to view at the event.

‘I hope my visibility demonstrates that women can be good scientists – particularly the physical sciences – and effective members of the scientific community.’ 
Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Past President, Royal Society of Edinburgh

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  • This event is suitable for age 16+
  • Accessibility statement: We aim to make events as accessible as possible. If you have any accessibility requirements or any questions about how we can support this event, please contact the RSE Public Engagement team on
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