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Thirteen fragments

An artistic response to how Scotland can emerge from the Covid pandemic as a more equitable society and explores how a nation’s resilience can be built up and developed.

Join the RSE and National Theatre of Scotland for the premiere of Thirteen Fragments. Created by award-winning writer and performer Hannah Lavery, Thirteen Fragments is an artistic response to the RSE’s Post-Covid-19 Commission’s work which addresses how Scotland can emerge from the Covid pandemic as a more equitable, resilient society.

Thirteen Fragments is a spoken word dance piece where bursts of poetry sit within an original soundscape alongside shards of song and of movement. The digital artwork reflects Hannah’s experiences of the last year, as a woman colour, and explores the meaning of female resilience in Scotland today and aspirations for the future.

The accompanying online event will involve Hannah Lavery in conversation with, members of the creative team, and Fellows of the RSE who have been involved in the film’s development. Their discussion which takes the film as starting point will focus on some of the themes that the work highlights including the impact of Covid on women and wider society and the role that art and creativity play in the pandemic.


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