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The Walking Library for a Wild City – Glasgow

The Walking Library is a library that carries books by foot. It brings books, reading, and walking into unexpected and dynamic relationships.

You are invited to join The Walking Library for a Wild City, selecting a book to take for a walk. All the books in this library are suggested by different people in response to the questions:

What book reveals wildness in the city?

What book would you rewild by walking?

Walking with this collection of books, we will explore together – with books as companions – what ‘wildness’ means in an urban context.

The Walking Library for a Wild City was commissioned by Glasgow Life for the 2018 European Championships, as part of the project, wild city, a collaboration with artist Alec Finlay.

Our walk will start at the main gates of the University of Glasgow (University Avenue), and will last approximately 90 minutes.

Numbers are limited to 15. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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