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Social prescribing for mental health

The increasing use of arts, literature and culture to improve the public’s mental health.

NHS Scotland and England have both recognised social prescribing as a helpful way to improve the public’s health and mental health. Social prescribing is an approach that aims to connect people to access non-medical sources of support. The approach encompasses a wide variety of community activities, from book prescription to art, cultural activities, physical exercise etc. This event will bring together a panel of academics and professionals to discuss and debate the potential and limitations, as well as opportunities and obstacles, of social prescribing.

Additional Info

  • This event is suitable for age 16+
  • The discussion is not anticipated to be particularly triggering but nonetheless there will be some discussions on mental health
  • Accessibility Statement: We aim to make events as accessible as possible. If you have any accessibility requirements or any questions about how we can support this event, please contact