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Minds on Mars

Mars rovers need minds of their own. How do their minds resemble or differ from ours?

Our brains have evolved over millions of years to create versions of reality that they use to make decisions for action. The Mars Rover does the same thing as it explores its remote, barren and hostile world far from Earth’s control. We will bring some items to illustrate these points and discuss with the audience the similarities and differences between the minds of humans and Mars Rovers. We will debate questions that might range from the biology and technology of natural and artificial intelligence to the philosophical, ethical and legal implications of our expanding understanding of evolved and manufactured minds.

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Group discussion

Grab a cuppa and engage with experts in a friendly, relaxed environment. There won’t be any PowerPoints, notes or formality here – just the chance to ask questions and listen to some of Scotland’s leading thinkers and practitioners on various subjects.

To encourage discussion and allow everyone an opportunity to ask questions, we have limited the number of spaces available.

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  • This event is suitable for age 16+
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