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Making space to thrive

The built environment impacts hugely on the quality of our lives – and by extension on our health and wellbeing

According to how our places, buildings and spaces are designed we can feel safe and welcome, or anxious and uncomfortable. Design decisions at all scales from how streets and public spaces are laid out, to the height of a room or a design of a fence affect us – sometimes in an obvious way but often more subtly. This illustrated talk will consider well-being and space and how we might ensure better more inclusive and healthy design in the future. The event will be chaired by Karen Anderson FRSE, Architect, hirta. Who will be joined by a distinguished panel of experts including:

  • Professor Sarah Curtis FBA, FAcSS FRSE, Professor Emerita, Durham University and Honorary Professor, University of Edinburgh
  • Kieron Boyle, Chief Executive of Guy and St Thomas’ Foundation
  • Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect, Scottish Government
  • and Kirsty Macari, Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Planning
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