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Knitting for money, knitting from home

Working from home has never been a lifestyle choice for women working in the textile sector.

The pandemic has seen an enormous shift in working patterns, with working from home becoming commonplace. Yet, this is not new for women, especially in the textile sector. This talk focuses on homeworking in the Scottish knitted textile economy. While knitting at home has recently been linked with health and wellbeing, historically, homeworking meant knitting to tight deadlines, and working long days, for little remuneration. We discuss the little understood knitting for pay sector and its place in the household economy. In advance of the event, the audience is invited to experience being ‘a working from home knitter’.

If you would like a taste of the experience of knitting at home for pay prior to the talk you can participate in our citizen science project to ‘Knit a Margaret Klein pattern’. See

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