‘In colour’: the exhibition

St Andrews Observatory comes alive with telescope memories in this immersive art installation.

A small observatory in St Andrews has stood unused for many years, its telescope long since removed. Once home to a high-precision twin photometric telescope between 1983 – 1992, the building is now being brought back to life through a new art installation this summer.

Through the power of sunlight, ‘In colour: the exhibition’ seeks to bring back memories of the telescope once housed here. With a vibrant interplay of colours and newly crafted soundscapes, we invite you to experience this unique and immersive installation.

About In colour

“In colour” is part of a collaborative project called Shine, which brings together artist Tim Fitzpatrick, astronomer Anne-Marie Weijmans, musician Bede Williams from the University of St Andrews, and composer Andrew Knight-Hill from the University of Greenwich. Shine is a collaborative initiative that delves into the properties of light and its application in modern astronomical research through science, music, and art.


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