Curious primate minds

(Re)wayat: renarrating Muslim Edinburgh

Climate change: What’s food got to do with it?

Green house with tomatoes growing.

Preventing cancer – who cares?

Doctor holding stethoscope with the Scottish flag on it.

Understanding the bee-line

A bee gets pollen from a flower in the sunshine

Exploring the climate crisis through poetry

Poetry book laying on the grass covered in flowers.

Achieving net zero with human centred design

A sustainable green city

Minds on Mars

To love or to punish? That is the question

Environmental footprints in our DNA

Screening – Is it good for your health?

Knitting for money, knitting from home

Caring for young minds

Towards a realistic utopia for dying in Scotland

Road to net zero

A life in science festivals

Developing treatments for Covid-19

Variety of different drugs in a pile

Nostalgia and applied games

Game controller on a purple background

Video games and American history

Game controller on a purple background

Historical practices of video games

Game controller on a purple background

Walking and creativity during Covid-19

Forest with long footpath

Tea & Talk Series

The Tea & Talk series invites everyone to enjoy a cup of tea while engaging with experts in a friendly, relaxed discussion. There won’t be any PowerPoints, notes or formality here – just the chance to ask questions and to listen to some of Scotland’s leading authorities on a variety of subjects.

All Tea & Talk events will take place using Zoom Meetings so attendees can take part using audio and video. To encourage discussion and allow for everyone an opportunity to ask questions we have limited the number of spaces available.


Building resilience in young people


The Army and Covid-19

History is our playground

Game controller on a purple background

Tools for telling time on a changing planet

Earth with googly eyes

Delivering clean energy from space

Mirros above the earth reflecting light onto the earth

Art for useful knowledge

The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings

Art and the Anthropocene

Dance for Health and Wellbeing

Photo credit to Andy Ross

More Than Playthings

The Future of Cancer Treatment

Compassion and the Sustainable Development Goals: A New Tomorrow

We’ll All Die One Day, So Let’s Try to Make Sense of It!

How Do We Design Places to Promote Wellbeing?

How Do Machines Learn to Talk?

Can We Get to the Root of Things?

Seeking Resilience in a(n Increasingly) Fragile World?

Menstrual Health: Still Taboo? Are We Making Progress?

(Not) Learning Languages in the Brexit Era

Words and Water in Scottish Literature

Life as a CHAMP

Our Suffering Genes

The Drugs Don’t Work: How to Test for Infectious Disease and Select Treatments?

Micro-To-Macro: Space Technologies at Extremes of Length-Scale

The Sounds of Movies, Games, and TV

Saving the Oceans with Law and Science

Your DNA: Three Billion Letters of You