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Enlightenment rocks

Glen Tilt is central to the history of geology because it was one of the sites where James Hutton (1726-97), the father of modern geology, devised his ideas about deep time.

His ideas culminated in the publication of the Theory of the Earth. Some of his arguments rested on close observations of rock relationships, where molten rock had been intruded into solid rock. In this video, we talk with geologists, artists, and historians – including Lucinda Lax (National Portrait Gallery), Stephanie O’Rourke (University of St Andrews), Geoffrey Boulton OBE FRS FRSE, and Ilana Halperin, an artist who explores the relationship between geology, mineralogy, and earth processes, human memory and bodies. Watch as we explore the history, representation of rocks and the people who studied them during the Scottish Enlightenment.