Innovation & Invention

The information machine in your pocket

Minds on Mars

How to design, build and fly a micro-satellite

A life in science festivals

Nostalgia and applied games

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Historical practices of video games

Game controller on a purple background

From the cosmos to consumers

Inside forensic science

Forensic scientific taking a photograph at a crime scene

Balancing the risk

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History is our playground

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Take off to green aviation

Plane in a pale blue sky

Making space to thrive

The science of the small

miniature figures in hospital clothing with patient in a bed

Tools for telling time on a changing planet

Earth with googly eyes

Delivering clean energy from space

Mirros above the earth reflecting light onto the earth

Understanding future energy demand

Wind farm in the sea

Old books, new technologies

Old book on top of tablet

Art for useful knowledge

The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings

The Future of Foreign Policy

Baroness Ashton lookig directly at the camera

Designing a Feminist Alexa – An Exercise in Empathic Design

Robot, Pepper, looking at the camera

Fact or Fiction? Innovation and Invention Panel

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More Than Playthings

How Do We Design Places to Promote Wellbeing?

How Do Machines Learn to Talk?

The Drugs Don’t Work: How to Test for Infectious Disease and Select Treatments?

Micro-To-Macro: Space Technologies at Extremes of Length-Scale

The Sounds of Movies, Games, and TV