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Caring for young minds

A discussion on young people’s mental health and how to apply research knowledge to understand and support young people.

While mental health problems can affect us at any stage in our lives, 75% of people who experience mental health problems report that their problems first emerged before the age of 25. One in three children and young people in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health problem such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-harm. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised referral to NHS services to an unmanageable level. This group discussion event will provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss this important topic with a speaker with both research and clinical expertise on young people’s mental health.

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Group discussion:

Grab a cuppa and engage with experts in a friendly, relaxed environment. There won’t be any slides, notes or formality here – just the chance to ask questions and listen to some of Scotland’s leading thinkers and practitioners on various subjects.

For group discussions on Zoom, the audience will be visible to others taking part in the event (unless you choose to turn off your camera). To encourage discussion and allow everyone an opportunity to ask questions, we have limited the number of spaces available.

To participate in a group discussion you MUST be aged 16+

Important points to note

  • This event is suitable for age 16+
  • This event will cover potentially distressing material related to mental health
  • Accessibility Statement: We aim to make events as accessible as possible. If you have any accessibility requirements or any questions about how we can support this event, please contact