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Building resilience in young people

Depression is relatively rare in small children but it becomes rapidly more common once they have reached teenage years.

Much research has been done but many questions remain unanswered. One of the most pressing questions is: how can we help young people build resilience to cope with life’s challenges? In search of solutions, we must look beyond individuals’ coping skills; instead, we must keep a wider perspective and find new ways to build systems, environments, and communities that facilitate wellbeing, compassion, and recovery. In this event, Prof Chan will present some of her work on young people’s mental health and resilience, and invite the audience to discuss and debate this important issue.

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Tea & Talk Series

The Tea & Talk series invites everyone to enjoy a cup of tea while engaging with experts in a friendly, relaxed discussion. There won’t be any PowerPoints, notes, or formality here – just the chance to ask questions and to listen to some of Scotland’s leading authorities on a variety of subjects.

All Tea & Talk events will take place using Zoom Meetings so attendees can take part using audio and video. To encourage discussion and allow for everyone an opportunity to ask questions we have limited the number of spaces available.