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Breathe and Sleep

A practical workshop exploring breath practices to enhance good quality sleep.

As part of her Creative Scotland Open Project Funding award, Laura is studying the practice of pranayama (breath control) to enhance presence and resilience in performers. In this workshop she will introduce the impact that breath can have on health, wellbeing and embodiment.

The session will be introductory, practical and open to everyone, including participants with breath conditions, as Laura is qualified to support these. Participants will learn about the breath and its link to mind and body, be invited to deepen the breath safely, allowing them to become more aware and calmer, and be introduced to specific practices that will help them to connect to their parasympathetic nervous system, the rest, digest and befriend system in our bodies.

As part of this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the breath and its link to mind and body.
  • Be invited to deepen your breath safely, allowing you to become more aware and calmer.
  • Be introduced specific practices that will help you to connect to your parasympathetic nervous system, which will allow you to sleep better.
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Additional Info

This online workshop has been provided by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

This event will take place using Zoom Meetings so attendees can take part using audio and video. Due to this attendees must be 17+ years old. To encourage discussion and allow for everyone an opportunity to ask questions we have limited the number of spaces available.