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Art and the Anthropocene

In this session RCS Researchers Emily Doolittle, Sarah Hopfinger, and Stuart MacRae will lead a discussion about creative responses to making art during the unfolding Anthropocene.

Anthropocene – the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

We will each present about our own work which responds to climate change, environmental damage, and our current experience of making art during a pandemic. We will then lead small group discussions with the participants in which we consider questions of what role art may play in helping us understand, process, and perhaps mitigate the effects of the Anthropocene.

All participants warmly welcome, whether you are an art-maker, an art listener, viewer or watcher, or someone who usually has little interaction with the arts.

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Additional Info

This online workshop has been provided by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

This workshop will take place using Zoom Meetings so attendees can take part using audio and video. Due to this attendees must be 17+ years old. To encourage discussion and allow for everyone an opportunity to ask questions we have limited the number of spaces available.